JTB on top of its game

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Jammal Trust Bank was recently recognised at the Banker Middle East Lebanon Product Awards 2018

editor's pickThursday 22, November 2018

In recognition of its marketing strategy and adopted approach towards financial inclusion, financial literacy, and SMEs, Jammal Trust Bank (JTB) has received three awards, including: Best Customer Service in SME, Best Financial Inclusion Programme and Best Savings Product for 2018 from Banker Middle East.

Best Customer Service in SMEs

JTB differentiates itself from other banks on a number of fronts including SME service, where its aim is to redefine ‘service excellence’ and ‘customer satisfaction.’ JTB has been the Bank of Choice for many individuals, with focus on Households, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for many years. Unlike the big players in the Banking Community, JTB has developed its organisational capabilities in customer service excellence not by relying solely on technology, but rather focusing on people, knowledge and insight. The bank has developed a more balanced approach to conceiving and implementing its customer service strategic capabilities, including:

  • Technology that supports customer service management.
  • The skills, abilities and attitudes of the people who manage client relations.
  • The processes JTB uses to access and interact with its customers in the pursuit of new value and mutual satisfaction.
  • The approaches JTB uses to add value to client (qualitative & quantitative) data so that its credit teams acquire the knowledge and insight needed to deepen the relationships that matter. The scale and scope of these capabilities are affected by factors such as the key customers on which JTB has chosen to concentrate, its leadership and culture, the channels it uses for stakeholder communications, transactions, logistics and its business model, strategy and structure.

Best financial inclusion programme and best savings product

In market penetration, the bank has embarked on a strategy to tap into a new market (unbanked individuals) by creating a specialised programme, tailoring a bundle of products and opening new branches to ‘come closer’ to this segment. Following its slogan "We speak your language," the Bank has decided to ‘speak the language’ of those who are unbanked, which constitute almost half of the Lebanese population, by creating a product, ‘Save and Win’, geared towards financial inclusion.  

Those that are unbanked are commonly known as those who don’t have bank accounts nor use banking services and have rarely or have never been to a Bank. The most commonly cited reason for not having an account for them was that accounts are too expensive and they bear high commissions and fees. JTB, in collaboration with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), became the first and only bank in Lebanon to promote a prize-linked saving account with no fees, no commissions and no minimum deposit amount. As part of the Bank’s corporate social responsibility initiative, ‘Save and Win’ was designed to motivate individuals to continuously save for a rainy day and give them a chance to win numerous prizes through a monthly draw as they increase their savings.

JTB’s conviction is that financial inclusion contributes to alleviating poverty and to speeding up economic development by integrating the unbanked and needy into the mainstream of economic activity and effectively harnessing their potential contribution to their communities. Notably, JTB was the first bank in Lebanon to collaborate with a non-profit organisation specialised in supporting micro-businesses with more than $96 million in loan grants to almost 60,000 borrowers.

JTB is also the only bank in Lebanon that has more than 60 per cent of its branches in rural areas and spread across non-high-density communities in order to come closer to its clients. Furthermore, to educate and bridge the gap between the financial sector and younger unbanked communities, JTB launched awareness courses across schools and universities, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Higher learning and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), to teach 8,000 young students more about the banking sector, ensuring their future´s financial acumen. JTB invests in those that need it the most because all individuals have the potential to prosper in their own way.


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