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National Bank of Bahrain completes SWIFT gpi certification

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SWIFT Global Payments Innovation (SWIFT gpi) is the latest initiative by SWIFT to improve the customer experience in the world of cross border payments.

Sunday 25, August 2019

National Bank of Bahrain (NBB) has completed the SWIFT gpi certification, the system provides customers with an array of benefits such as faster payments as well as end-to-end tracking and confirmation of information when beneficiaries receive payment.

Nabeel Kazim, the Head of Bank Operations at NBB, said, “On behalf of NBB, I am proud to announce our achievement of SWIFT gpi certification, the latest in a series of initiatives launched by SWIFT to improve customers’ international payment experience.”

The certification of NBB for SWIFT gpi opens up a new corridor for gpi payments and supports the strong adoption of the initiative in this region, said Onur Ozan, SWIFT’s Head of Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.

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