NBK Capital launches SmartWealth service

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SmartWealth customises the model portfolio based on the customer’s risk appetite, financial goals and aspirations.


The National Bank of Kuwait’s (NBK) investment arm, NBK Capital, has introduced SmartWealth service.

The SmartWealth service provides investors with the ability to obtain customised investment advice and execution services aimed for long-term investing, while gaining exposure throughout the world to regions such as the US, Europe as well as Asia and emerging markets. 

Hosam El-Hourani, the CFA from NBK Capital – Asset Management, said that NBK Capital SmartWealth allows investors to achieve their financial goals by availing to them best of breed solutions for long-term investing.

The service enables them to obtain exposure to investments that are geographically diversified, in addition to exposure to multiple asset classes

Additionally, the service enables investors to gain exposure to equities, fixed income as well as real estate and commodities securities as part of a multi-asset investment allocation.

SmartWealth service targets long-term investors who are planning for financial life goals such as home ownership, education funds or general retirement, reported local daily, Kuwait Times.


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